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Polar Express 3D(BRD)
Final Destination 5 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Glee: Concert Movie 3D (BRD Combo)
Harold & Kumar Christmas 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Happy Feet 2 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Three Musketeers 3D (BRD Combo)

The Sports City Superstore opened in 2004 to allow for growth and provide a more convenient location for our customers, in the Laucala Bay area. It has pioneered more unique services including drive-thru returns, xBox gaming, the largest private projection High Definition home theatre complete with a high powered THX sound system, and IMCafe - an integrated espresso cafe bar both catering for private functions and screenings, in an unparelleled environment.

- $199 Philips BD-2700 (with Platinum Plan & Blu-ray Starter Pack)
- $299 Philips BD-2700 (with Platinum Plan)
- $399 Philips BD-2700 Region A/Free (with bonus rentals)

- $899 Sony PS3 Region A/1 (with Platinum Plan)
- $999 Sony PS3 Region A/1
* Prices subject to change.
- And lots more...call or email for
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The only store to offer the newest and best video formats in Fiji, also offers in-store private screenings to rival that of film screens. The name is Blu-ray - it is here to stay! And you can have it too! Now available in 3D!

Blu-ray or BRD offers high definition resolution 1080p, HD sound and new interactive features - BD-Live a new innovative way of enjoying movies on disc, and where special features can be accessed without having to leave the movie!

To enjoy high definition at home, all you need is an HD capable display (720p/1080p). Add on an xBox 360 for games, PS3, or choose a standalone BRD or legacy HD DVD player (all screens and players available through IMHD), and you're all set to watch movies in HD!

Seeing is believing, hearing is believing, only at IMHD!

Immortals 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Puss in Boots 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Adventures of Tintin 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Hugo 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Fright Night 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Dolphin Tale 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Spy Kids 4 (3D BRD Combo DVD + Digital Copy)
Cars 2 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Smurfs 3D (BRD Combo DVD + Ultraviolet Copy)
Conan 3D (BRD Combo DVD + Digital Copy)
Lion King 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Mars Need Moms 3D (BRD Combo DVD + Digital Copy)
Priest 3D (BRD)
Rio 3D (BRD Combo DVD + Digital Copy)
Hoodwinked Too 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Sanctum 3D (BRD + Digital Copy)
Gnomeo & Juliet 3D (BRD Combo DVD + Digital Copy)
Drive Angry 3D (BRD)
The Green Hornet 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Yogi Bear 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Saw: Final Chapter 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Step Up 3 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Alice in Wonderland 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Under the Sea IMAX  3D (BRD Combo DVD)
Cats & Dogs: Kitty Galore 3D (BRD Combo DVD)
A Christmas Carol
Gears of War 3
Batman: Arkham City

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